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Seussical The Musical

by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty

Blackfriars Theatre


Director: Danny Hoskins

Set Designer & Scenic Artist: Abigail Manard

Costume Designer: Janice Elizabeth Ferger

Music Director: Amanda Meldrum-Stevenson

Choreographer: Lani Toyama Hoskins

Assistant Director: Melanie McBride

Assistant Choreographer: Katy Maddalina


Stage Manager: Thomas Markham

Dr. Seuss books were always a big part of my childhood and I turned to them to be my guide as I began the design process. I spent hours in my local library, pouring over the books and making notes about what images struck me. I made myself think like a kid, picking out the characters and images that I know I would get excited to see on the walls as I stepped into the theatre. The one thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t just want a wall of characters, I wanted to create a world. As I looked at these pictures, I kept noting how much I loved Seuss’s landscapes, they were all so playful and free-flowing, never taking too much attention from the focus of the page but instead elevated the world the characters lived in. That was exactly how I wanted these walls to be, so I decided to create a continuous landscape that would flow from story to story and surround the audience in the world of Seuss. 

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